Grey Bluetooth SleepBand Headphone


“The world’s comfiest headphones for sleep and relaxation.”

 Great for quieting busy minds
 Listen to music, white noise, podcasts, ASMR and more.
 Pull it over your eyes and it doubles as a sleep mask!
 Ultra-thin, HQ speakers for premium sound quality & comfort.



Keep your hair back and get in the zone while you work out, play sports, power walk or jog! And, when it’s time to rest, cover your eyes and stream soft music to the built-in headphones to help you fall asleep or meditate.

Important features of our headphones :

  • Microphone for making & receiving calls.
  • Newly upgraded speakers for superior sound quality.
  • Headband is machine-washable and hypoallergenic.
  • Battery lasts all night on a 2 hour charge.
  • Lightweight polyester/spandex blend fabric keeps you cool.
  • Best in class Bluetooth® v5.0 technology sleep headband headphones.
  • No annoying voice prompts like “battery low” while you sleep !

Benefits of Dormi Headphones :

 Relieve stress by listening to your favorite entertainment at home or on the go.
 Catch some ZZZs and relax naturally, without the need for medication.
 No more uncomfortable earbuds or bulky over-ear headphones.
Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with Dormi headband earphones.

Product Highlights :

  • One-size fits most. Headphones are rechargeable and removable for hand-washing.
  • Breathable, High Elasticity, Sweat absorbing Fabric
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Compatible with AI Smart Phones
  • Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery
  • Wireless Technology
  • Hand wash after removing headphones


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